About Us

Quick Facts:

  • Founded in 2019.
  • Started after owners played co-ed kickball in Pensacola, FL, USA and loved it so much, we wanted to bring it to New Zealand
  • Core purpose is to Unleash Your Inner 5th Grader

At Action SSC, our main goal is to bring fun social events and adult coed sports leagues to New Zealand. As a result, we encourage everyone who is associated with Action SSC (refs, members, sponsors, ourselves) to create as much fun and excitement as possible at our events, within the rules of course. We therefore challenge our players to create innovative ways (e.g. team themes/names, silly signs/dress, etc.) to make any event more fun. At the end of the day, we just want everyone to have a great time and make new friends. For that to happen, we need everyone to be involved.