Our Sponsors


Additional Sponsorships are available to purchase with various package amounts. You can inquire about these opportunities by emailing me at actionsportsandsocial@gmail.co.nz.

New Brew Bar and Restaurant has graciously become a sponsor of Action SSC this year. They have a location at 49 A William Pickering Drive, Albany. This means after each game, on Mondays, while wearing your team tees, you will receive drink and food specials that no one else in the restaurant will get.

As always by Kurt Peterson, Owner of Vital Zing, water/milk flavor enhancers. I have my favorites, I know you will too. If Inquiring minds want to know, please feel free to ask. You can find them on here, on Facebook.

New to the Summer season of 2024 is Sam’s Butchery of Silverdale. They have provided a $200 Gift Voucher, at a great discount, for the purchases of their meats and flavorings. Their T-bones are particularly my favorite, as well as their Spare Ribs. Everything is cut in house, through a window you can watch them doing it in. MMMMMMMM. So delicious.

If you or your business would like to sponsor Action Sports and Social Club, please contact me using the email above.