About Laser Tag

Laser Tag is starting May 3rd on the Hibiscus Coast, at MegaZone, near Snow Planet and on May 4th on the North Shore at Laser Force in Wairau Park! The cost for this league is $260/person. Age limits are 15 and up. This may change due to safety reasons.

The season is 8 weeks long, with a 9th week for the Championship Games! The Championship can be held at either location (TBD each season). The HBC location will be held on Tuesdays each week from 6:30p-8p. The North Shore location will be held on Wednesdays each week from 6:30p-8p as well. There are 3 games of 10 minutes, each night. The team that scores the most points (combined against one apposing team each week) at the end of the games will be considered that night’s winners.

Ranking will be decided by most wins over the season. In the case of a tie, the most points scored throughout the whole season for those teams will break that tie. The Championship rules are still being written. Please ask if you have any questions and Please check back now and again for updates.

You can now register by using this link… Here